Precision hiring,
faster, reduced cost

Precision Hiring

Through leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning the chances of precision hiring with quality candidates are greatly enhanced. When there is a high-touch human overlay on top of this matching engine the precision increases even further still.


By using best-in-class technology to search rather than manual human labour you are able to recruit in days, rather than weeks or months.

Reduced Cost

When you have the ability to hire faster and with less effort and pain you significantly drive cost per hire down. Not only is the cost of acquiring a new person lower but the cost of late placement on important projects is reduced.

Average time to hire

Do it yourself 63$
Recruitment Agency 35$
scaleXT 25$

63 Days|31 Days|18 Days

Sourcing hours per role filled

Do it yourself 67$
Recruitment Agency 2$
scaleXT 5$

13 Hours|N/A|30 Minutes

Data sources

Do it yourself 10$
Recruitment Agency 10$
scaleXT 67$



Datasets of talent mapped


As many high-quality candidates found

Top 20%

Access top 20% of talent