scaleXT Podcast Series – The Increasingly Important Role Talent is Playing in Private Equity

Welcome to the scaleXT Podcast Series

Where we provide company founders, CEOs, boards, investors and technology leaders with a curated selection of podcast interviews showcasing how some of the leading thought leaders in the world are navigating their ways through these most challenging times.

In this episode we showcase a podcast with Ted Bililies, Managing Director at AlixPartners, for what is now becoming a yearly ritual to discuss the results of the 7th Annual PE Leadership Survey. This year, the theme is all about the COVID-driven acceleration of trends that is propelling human capital to the forefront of the value creation agenda for Private Equity firms. They discuss the great resignation, how CEOs are now more fearful for their jobs than ever, and the rising important of talent recruiting, engagement, development, and retention. They close with tips to help leaders and investors better manage in a world that is only become more and more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

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