scaleXT Podcast Series – Technology + Culture: How to Attract & Retain the Best Talent

Welcome to the AI Recruiting podcast series

Where we provide company founders, CEOs, boards, investors and technology leaders in the ‘C’ Suite, tech, and data hiring space with a curated selection of podcast interviews showcasing how some of the leading thought leaders in the world are navigating their ways through these most challenging times.

In this episode we showcase a podcast from the CIO Exchange Podcast. In this episode, they tackle the theme of talent and how companies can best enable their workforces by looking at the whole person and not just the tools they use or what they’re paid. Michael Loggins, Global Vice President of IT at SMC, joins the show along with Renu Upadhyay, Vice President of Product and Technical Marketing, End User Computing at VMware. During this podcast, they cover why technology and culture must be viewed as equally important for companies to ensure they’re creating rich digital and personal experiences. In today’s competitive talent landscape, this is key to differentiating your organisation and attracting and retaining the best people to do their best work.

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