NZ’s latest billion dollar “Unicorn” Seequent taps into scaleXT’s precision data intelligence™ solutions

Founded in New Zealand and with its headquarters in Christchurch, Seequent is a provider of software for geological and geophysical modelling, geotechnical stability and cloud services for geodata management, visibility and collaboration…

Recently the company was aquired by Nasdaq-listed engineering software company Bentley Systems for US$1.05 billion ($1.45b).

One of their biggest challenges was accessing meaningful market intelligence on their ideal target clients in the fast moving global mining exploration space. That’s why they turned to us 3 years ago for help.

“We went to scaleXT when we wanted to access their precision data intelligence™ solutions to better understand our ideal target clients in the very fragmented global mining exploration sector. Over the 2 years we worked together we were able to: 3x increase in average number of leads per week than historically, identify the target contact for each lead 100% of the time (contact email for contact identified 97% of the time), and generate a 4x increase contact data than previously. We are happy to recommend them to other tech companies looking to access similar market intelligence services.’
Shaun Maloney
Executive Chairman, Seequent

With precision data intelligence™ at the core and humans at the helm…

At scaleXT our precision data intelligence™ solutions use the same proprietary best-in-class technology and many of the datasets that we use for precision hiring but with modified parameters as defined and configured by you. At present we are experiencing significant demand for the following use cases that combines data on markets, companies, people and relationships to deliver insights that help you scale: Market Intelligence / Company Intelligence / Hiring Intelligence / Investment Intelligence / Data Enrichment.

Seequent is another such client success!

Just like we did for Seequent, at scaleXT we can get your data intelligence needs sorted with our proprietary best-in-class technology.

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