How NZ Automobile Association used scaleXT’s precision hiring intelligence™ solutions

The New Zealand Automobile Association is also known as the AA. It started over a century ago…

Today, they’re one of New Zealand’s most respected and trusted brands. They have grown from a fledgling automobile club to one offering many services and products to 1.65 million Members.

One of their biggest challenges was accessing meaningful hiring intelligence on their ideal target candidates for data professionals. That’s why they turned to us for help.

Aman Dhaliwal Talent & Culture Development Manager, is responsible for identifying the best candidates for all of New Zealand Automobile Association’s most difficult to fill roles.

“During this process we had been tapping into our own databases, job boards and LinkedIn. We needed new pools of candidates that we and other recruitment agencies hadn’t seen yet. Then when we went to scaleXT we found that the candidate data they provided was by far the best. Great service and an excellent Candidate Data MAP™ was provided for our hard to fill Insights Analyst role. It was clear that scaleXT was able to tap into more data sources than the competition. Not only this but their Candidate Data MAP™ was able to provide a heat map as to which target candidates were open to opportunities.”

Aman Dhaliwal
National Manager Talent & Culture Development

With precision hiring intelligence™ at the core and humans at the helm…

At scaleXT our precision hiring intelligence™ solutions use the same proprietary best-in-class technology and many of the datasets that we use for precision hiring but with modified parameters as defined and configured by you. At present we are experiencing significant demand for the following use cases that combines data on markets, companies, people and relationships to deliver insights that help you scale: Market Intelligence / Company Intelligence / Hiring Intelligence / Investment Intelligence / Data Enrichment.

 New Zealand Automobile Association is another such client success!

Just like we did for New Zealand Automobile Association, at scaleXT we can get your precision hiring intelligence needs sorted with our proprietary best-in-class technology.

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