scaleXT Team Build – How scaleXT helped MoleMap build world-class team with 9 new hires

MoleMap is a company with global ambitions and is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to make skin cancer detection easier…

They offer solutions across a variety of industries and have a dedicated team of consultants to assist customers in the design, development, implementation and on-going support of data pipelines and insights.

scaleXT was introduced to MoleMap by the private equity investor Pioneer Capital …

The brief: to help MoleMap build a world-class technology team of the highest quality, as fast as possible.

“In the process of undertaking a series of exiting projects as we augment the bleeding edge opportunities offered by AI making skin cancer detection easier, more efficient, we were on the hunt.”

“We went to scaleXT which is another exciting tech business that is pioneering the use of best-in-class technology in their domain.”

“Within a matter of weeks we had found a precision matched candidate for the role that we would not have been able to access if we had tried other more traditional methods.”

Adrian Bowling, Founder at MoleMap

Team Build:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Software Team Lead
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • AI Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • AI Product & Project Manager
  • Head of Quality, Regulatory & Compliance
  • Scrum Master
With precision hiring intelligence™ at the core and humans at the helm…

At scaleXT, we work with clients up and down the country (and around the world) to identify and acquire talent within the technology industry. Where traditional recruitment approaches have failed, we have seen measurable success, but that begs the question… what does success look like to us?

It’s simple. When it comes to recruitment, we believe we only succeed when you succeed. That’s why we go above and beyond to meet your recruitment needs and to help you improve your business through decisive hiring of top-quality talent. Sure, there are other benefits in play like faster turnarounds and reduced opportunity costs, but it is our ability to find and filter outstanding candidates that really sets us apart.

MoleMap is one such client success!

Just like we did for MoleMap, at scaleXT we can get your recruitment needs sorted – precision matching you with your ideal candidate quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently with our proprietary best-in-class technology.

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