How Fast growth FinTech Laybuy had ‘A$80 million IPO’ 18 months after appointing CTO with scaleXT

Laybuy are a company that has global ambitions and are certainly on a trajectory that’s pretty exciting…

Last year Laybuy moved ahead with an A$80 million IPO listing on the Australia’s ASX. Laybuy operates in NZ, Australia and UK. One of their biggest issues when it comes to managing rapid growth? Recruitment. Quality candidates that fit the brief and align with internal culture are a rarity and often hard to find Laybuy were experiencing just that while they were looking to bring on board a game changing new Chief Technology Officer. That’s why they turned to us for help.

James Abbott was previously Chief Operating Officer of Laybuy.

“We were looking for a very rare all rounder to be our Chief Technology Officer who understood not only the payments platform domain but who was also functionally had a strong background in architectural and development roles.”

“Within a very short period of time we had a quality shortlist of 3 candidates who we all took through the full recruitment process which included detailed technical assessments at the final hurdle.”

“The end result was that we secured an individual that was perfectly suited to Laybuy’s aspirational goals. As we continue to scale globally we look forward to using scaleXT again.”

Within 18 months of this appointment Laybuy had a successful ‘A$80 million IPO’ on the ASX.

With precision hiring intelligence™ at the core and humans at the helm…

At scaleXT, we work with clients in New Zealand and Australia and around the world) to identify and acquire top decile off market talent.

Since our launch 5 years ago we have now built the largest data map of operating CTOs, CIOs, CPTOs in New Zealand and Australia (and expats globally) to serve public, private, and private-equity owned organisations across all sectors by placing world-class operational leaders in technology leadership roles via innovative and compelling arrangements such as permanent, interim, and tech advisory leadership initiatives. We can deploy a shortlist of seasoned technology leaders within days, rather than weeks or months. If needed we can also provide interim CIO cover at very short notice.

Laybuy is another such client success!

Just like we did for Laybuy, at scaleXT we can get your ‘C’ suite needs sorted – precision matching you with your ideal candidate quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

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