How it works

Using precision
hiring intelligence
at the core with
humans at the helm


See how it works

1 Activate job
First your job is activated on our AIR Platform™. It’s quick and easy for you to do by uploading minimal job data against our job framework which should only take you a few minutes.

2 Review candidate data map™
Then review your Candidate Data MAP™ of qualified candidates, defined by you, and precision matched, scored and ranked by our platform and augmented by our high-touch team of recruitment, research, data specialists overseeing each recruitment process.

3 Interested CV’s to inbox™
This is the Interested CV’s of candidates from the Candidate Data MAP™ that are open to employment opportunities, have been pre-vetted by our high-touch team at scaleXT, and have specifically said that they are interested in your role.

4 Interview candidates
Easily review the interested CV’s to Your INBOX™ and interview or reject candidates.

5 Make a hire
Make an offer, pay the success fee you originally agreed to when the candidate accepts – on average all this should happen be within 18 days.

6 Celebrate
Then celebrate!!!

7 Identify your next role
The more you use scaleXT for similar roles the smarter and smarter the platform gets. The machine is like a brain that continues to grow the more you use it.

To learn more about how scaleXT works please see our Slide Deck.