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How does scaleXT work?

With scaleXT you can now tap into the best of both worlds. Launched with AI-powered precision hiring intelligence™ at the core with humans at the helm our Artificial Intelligence Recruiting (AIR) Platform™ is using AI combined with high touch recruitment to make precision hiring faster.

Why should I care?

Now you can tap into AI to do a lot of the heavy lifting sourcing work so you can focus on more higher ROI activities like candidate experience, screening and on-boarding. Recruitment is on the cusp of becoming hi-tech industry in a similar way to what we have seen in other areas like sales and marketing automation with the new Salesforce.com AI product Einstein. Early adopters will gain an unfair advantage over their competition- plus you will most likely be able to leave the office at 5:00pm most days and have a better work life balance!

How fast is scaleXT?

Typically you will get a high-quality Candidate Data MAP™ within 24 Hours and Interested CV’s to your INBOX™ or ATS within days, rather than weeks or months.

What type of roles work best?

The roles that make the biggest impact for company founders, CEOs, boards, investors and technology leaders are: Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technology & Product Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer and then building out the organisation chart across data leadership, architects, developers, data engineering, data science, data analytics, AI, Machine Learning, NLP hires –  amongst others.

What powers your AI?

We use a proprietary AI powered algorithm called Enigma – which has processed millions of real world job scenarios – that it is able to replicate the way that the human brain works to improve decision making at a scale previously not possible. This uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) versus traditional Key Word search. First words from data for each unique candidate are mapped relative to each other. Then data for each unique candidate is sorted in space with data from other unique candidates. The platform then uses feedback to distinguish matching candidates and non matches. From here our dedicated team of humans at the helm at scaleXT take it from there to increase the precision matching even further still!

How do you get Interested CV’s to your INBOX™ or ATS within days, rather than weeks or months?

Once the matching engine identifies precise matches our AI and predictive analytics tools automate personalised interactions with the right candidate through the right channel at the right time.

What channels does scaleXT use to interact with candidates?

scaleXT interacts with candidates through 3 channels (i.e. Platform/Email/Mobile) and will use the channel(s) in which candidates are most likely to be engaged on- as well as using data science to allow right sequence of interactions and right follow-up prompts occur at the right time.

Are humans involved?

Yes this is critical. We have a high touch Customer Success Manager overseeing each recruitment process so there is a blend of AI at the core with humans at the helm. AI allows us to automate a huge amount of the heavy lifting part of the sourcing recruitment process so that you can put more human touch into the areas that really matter!

What is the price?

You have 3 pricing options across our one-off, job pack or monthly subscription models where you will be able to structure the right plan for you and achieve major cost savings compared to your standard recruitment agency spend.

Is there a guarantee for your Candidate Data MAP™ and Interested CV’s to your INBOX™?

Yes. If you are not fully satisfied there is a full 100% money back guarantee.

If I join scaleXT, what kind of time commitment am I looking at?

We recommend that you only come to scaleXT for urgent critical hires that need to be done at high speed. You will still need to time box appropriate slots of time to move the candidates quickly through the recruitment process.

What are some of your market intelligence solutions?

Our market intelligence solutions uses scaleXT’s platform, proprietary AI and many of the datasets that we use for precision hiring but with modified parameters as defined and configured by you. At present we are experiencing significant demand for the following use cases that combines data on markets, companies, people and relationships to deliver insights that help you scale: Market Data MAP™/ Company Data MAP™/ Competitor Data MAP™/ Acquisition Data MAP™/ Lead Data MAP™ .

How do I join the scaleXT Launch programme?

Typically joining is by invitation only or through a referral from one of our members. Our next intake for our Launch programme will be in March 2023. Once you have applied to be accepted on the Launch programme and are accepted you will be able to activate job requirements immediately.

How do I join the scaleXT Referral Partner Programme?

To apply to join our Referral Partner Programme click here or contact support@scalext.io. Once you have applied and are accepted you will be provided with your own unique Promo Code immediately.