Announcing new scaleXT GPT 2.0 offerings

Today, we’re launching our new scaleXT GPT 2.0 offerings – the largest update in our history…

The best-in-class technology that powers scaleXT now includes bleeding edge GPT Generative AI technology. Now you can let scaleXT manage this complexity for you so you can make the most of the emerging opportunities in this brave new world and enjoy the results now that will take others 3 to 5 years – if not more – to be able to achieve. Now as well precision and speed performance gains – so you can focus on more higher ROI activities – this also allows significantly reduced cost for you at close to half the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency.

At present we are experiencing significant demand for the following 3 GPT use case areas across: precision hiring intelligence™ solution, embedded hiring intelligence™ solutions, and precision data intelligence™ solutions.

Interested in learning more about how scaleXT can help you tap into the power of GPT and Generative AI.

Typically joining the waiting list of our GPT programme is by invitation only or through a referral from one of our members. Our next intake will be starting in mid February 2024 and will be soft closed at 100 new members globally.

Once you have applied and are accepted you will be able to activate your requirements immediately.


How does scaleXT work? Launched with precision hiring intelligence™ at the core powered by humans at the helm our AIR Platform™ enables founders, CEOs, boards, investors and technology leaders to build world-class teams.

Why should I care? Now you can tap into best-in-class technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting sourcing work so you can focus on more higher ROI activities like candidate experience, screening and on-boarding. Recruitment is on the cusp of becoming hi-tech industry in a similar way to what we have seen in other areas like sales and marketing automation with the new AI product Einstein. Early adopters will gain an unfair advantage over their competition – plus you will most likely be able to leave the office at 5:00pm most days and have a better work life balance!

What is your precision hiring intelligence™ solution? Launched with precision hiring intelligence™ at the core with humans at the helm our platform now tapping into best-in-class GPT technology enables leaders to build world-class teams by activating jobs on our platform to access a curated pool of high quality hard-to-find talent. Precision hiring, faster, reduced cost.

What are your embedded hiring intelligence™ solutions? Our embedded hiring intelligence™ solutions uses scaleXT’s platform proprietary best-in-class GPT technology and many of the datasets we have been assembling over the last 6.5 years. Powering this unique solution is our full stack full service team high-touch team of AI, GPT, recruitment, research, data specialists utilising best-in-class technology to help the leadership talent scaleXT appoints design, build, and deploy world-class teams at scale. Custom, end-to-end solutions designed and implemented by scaleXT.

What are some of your precision data intelligence™ solutions? Our precision data intelligence™ solutions uses scaleXT’s platform, proprietary best-in-class GPT technology – and many of the data sources and datasets across hundreds of datapoints – that we use for precision hiring but with modified parameters as defined and configured by you. At present we are experiencing significant demand for the following use cases that combines data on markets, companies, people and relationships to deliver insights that help you scale: Market Intelligence / Company Intelligence / Customer Discovery Intelligence / Hiring Intelligence / Investment Intelligence / Data Enrichment.

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